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Champaign personal injury attorney product liability

When products become available for sale, people expect to be able to use them without being placed at risk of harm. This is especially true for products that are meant to treat or prevent health issues, such as pet products that prevent infestations by pests. Unfortunately, many different types of products are found to be defective or dangerous, and people or their pets may suffer injuries when using these items. Recently, concerns have been raised about a type of flea collar that has been linked to thousands of cases involving injuries to both pets and their owners. Those who have been injured by these types of products will want to understand their options for pursuing a product liability claim against a negligent manufacturer.

Seresto Flea Collars May Have Harmed Thousands

Flea and tick collars work by releasing pesticide chemicals that kill insects on a dog’s or cat’s body. While all pesticides have some risks, products that use these chemicals should be fully tested to ensure that they are safe for animals to wear and that they do not cause harm to children or adults. 


Springfield personal injury attorney slip and fall

Of the many different types of injuries that a person can experience, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most difficult to deal with. Concussions or other types of injuries that cause harm to the brain may not have any obvious physical symptoms, and they may not begin to affect a person until days or weeks after the injury occurred. However, they can have a long-lasting impact on a victim’s health and well-being, resulting in chronic pain, sensory problems, difficulties with balance and coordination, mood disorders, or seizures. When these injuries are caused by another person’s negligence or intentional actions, victims will need to work with a personal injury lawyer to determine how they can receive compensation that will address the ways their life and health have been affected.

Situations Where TBIs May Occur

Some of the most common causes of brain injuries include:


Springfield personal injury attorney snowmobile accident

While snowmobiling is a fun winter activity that is enjoyed by many people in central Illinois, it can also be dangerous. Collisions between two snowmobiles or between snowmobiles and people, obstacles, or other vehicles can result in serious injuries, including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe lacerations leading to amputations, and damage to internal organs. If a snowmobile accident occurs in a remote area, a person could be left alone in harsh weather until help arrives, which can lead to hypothermia or other life-threatening medical conditions. Those who have suffered injuries in snowmobile accidents will want to determine who was responsible for a collision, and by working with a personal injury attorney, they can take steps to receive financial compensation for their injuries.

Liability for Snowmobile Accidents

When a collision occurs because of the negligence of a snowmobile operator, that person may be liable for injuries suffered by other people who were involved, such as passengers, pedestrians, or people in motor vehicles. Negligence can take a variety of forms, including operating a snowmobile while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Operators may also be liable if they acted recklessly, such as by traveling at unsafe speeds, attempting to jump over obstacles or failing to watch out for other vehicles or people on foot. Snowmobile users may also pursue compensation from drivers of motor vehicles who did not take precautions to notice snowmobiles that were crossing the road and avoid a collision.


Champaign personal injury attorney slip and fall

The Midwest can get down to single-digit temperatures in the winter. If you are like many Illinois residents, dealing with snow and ice is a major part of your life in the winter months. Not only is snow and ice a hassle to deal with, but it can also lead to serious or even life-threatening injuries. If you slipped on ice and fell or otherwise suffered an injury because of snow or ice, you may be interested in learning about your legal options. In Illinois, a piece of legislation called the Snow and Ice Removal Act describes the rights and responsibilities individuals have regarding snow and ice removal.

Do Homeowners Have to Remove Snow and Ice?

Most people agree that shoveling snow from sidewalks, walkways, steps, and porches is part of being a good neighbor. However, homeowners are not required to remove snow from sidewalks by state law. The Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act was passed in 1979 to address snow and ice removal and injuries caused by snow and ice on private property. According to this legislation, homeowners are not typically liable for injuries caused by snowy or icy conditions on their property. However, a homeowner may be legally responsible for snow or ice injuries in certain circumstances.  


Champaign catastrophic injury attorney amputation

A personal injury claim is a legal action that allows an injured person to pursue financial compensation for the damages, or losses, caused by an injury. Often these injuries are the result of work accidents, car accidents, or other incidents caused by another party’s negligence. Amputations are considered “catastrophic injuries,” meaning that they have a profound impact on the injured person’s life. If you or a loved one suffered limb loss in an accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your medical expenses and other damages as a result of the injury.

Pursuing Compensation After a Traumatic Amputation

Few injuries compare to amputations. The loss of a hand, arm, leg, or foot can lead to long-term medical complications, severe pain, and permanent disability. Consequently, the compensation awarded to an amputation victim in a personal injury claim is often considerable. Traumatic amputations are often the result of:

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