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Can You Get Workers' Comp for Carpal Tunnel?

 Posted on February 22, 2024 in Workers' Compensation

Bloomington workers' compensation lawyerIf you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), you may be wondering if you can file a workers' compensation claim to help pay for treatment. The answer depends on your specific situation. An Illinois lawyer can help you understand the workers' comp system and outline what you may need to prove to get benefits for CTS.

Proving Your CTS Is Work-Related

To receive workers' compensation for CTS treatment in IL, you must show that your job duties directly caused or aggravated your condition. Common work factors leading to CTS include:

  • Repetitive hand and wrist motions, especially forceful grasping or pinching
  • Use of vibrating power tools that strain the hands and wrists
  • Maintaining awkward hand postures for long periods
  • Work requiring extended wrist flexion or extension

If your occupation involves any of those risk factors, it will strengthen your claim that your carpal tunnel is work-related. Beyond showing your job activities led to CTS, you must also give timely notice to your employer and provide medical documentation from your doctor supporting the link between your work and condition. Witness statements from coworkers can also help demonstrate what tasks you perform that could be causing wrist issues.

What Benefits Can You Receive?

If your carpal tunnel claim is accepted, common benefits may cover:

  • Surgery and Hospitalization: Many severe CTS cases require carpal tunnel release surgery to relieve nerve pressure. Workers' comp typically pays surgery expenses, including the hospital stay, anesthesia, medications, and doctor's fees.
  • Recovery Time Off Work: You may receive temporary disability wage replacement checks while recovering from surgery or if your CTS prevents you from working. The rate is usually 2/3 of your average gross weekly wages with caps based on state laws.
  • Hand Therapy Services: Often, CTS surgery patients need occupational hand therapy to regain flexibility, strength, and function. Workers' comp should cover medically necessary therapy per your doctor's treatment plan.
  • Future Medical Care: If you have lasting CTS impairments, workers' comp may cover ongoing symptom management like cortisone injections, splinting devices, medications, and therapy. Be sure to inform your adjustor of any lingering issues.

Get Help From a Workers' Comp Attorney

Determining whether you qualify for workers' comp with a carpal tunnel diagnosis in Illinois can get complicated. An experienced attorney can guide you by:

  • Gathering evidence to prove work-relatedness
  • Help in reporting the condition to your employer
  • Communicating with insurance carriers and company officials
  • Valuing your monetary damages and losses
  • Appealing to courts if your claim is denied

Contact a Bloomington, IL Workers' Compensation Attorney

Decatur, IL workers' compensation lawyer can answer any other questions you have on navigating the workers' compensation process for your situation. With an attorney's help, you may have a better chance of securing the carpal tunnel benefits you deserve. Call Kanoski Bresney at 888-826-8682 for a free consultation.

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