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Clothing Safety for Babies and Children

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Illinois Clothing safety for babies

If you are a parent or guardian, you do everything possible to keep your kids safe. However, many people do not realize how dangerous clothing can be for a baby or a small child. Clothing, jewelry, and accessories can all become hazards and cause serious child injuries. Below, you will see some of the most common hazards these items can present to children.

Cords and drawstrings in children’s clothing

You should never put anything on a baby or small child that has cords attached to it. These cords can easily get wrapped around their necks and get caught in the playground or other equipment. Babies and small children do not usually have the strength or ability to get the cords unwrapped. Do not use any of these items on babies:

  • hoodies or any other tops with cords or drawstrings
  • hats with cords or strings
  • ribbons
  • necklaces
  • headbands
  • hairbands
  • belts
  • bags or purses with straps
  • soothers with chains or ribbons
  • ties
  • scarfs

Safe baby clothing often has elastic built into the design to ensure they close properly. This built-in elastic is not removable and cannot get wrapped around their necks.

Decorative cords are hazardous

Many parents know to avoid the items above but fail to look for decorative cords that are often found on the bottom of dresses and long-legged trousers. If these types of cords are present, make sure they are securely fastened to the clothing and that they do not dangle at all. Do not allow decorative cords to trail below sleeve or hemlines.

Buy clothing that is made from low-risk fire material

Check the labels of all the clothing you buy for your child, including your child’s nightwear. Children’s sleepwear is required to pass certain flammability rests and be labeled as tight-fitting, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

What about bibs?

Bibs wrap around a child’s neck. This is okay when you are there feeding them, but be sure to take the bib off after they eat. Bibs pose a strangulation risk to the child.

Shoes and child safety

You should use shoes for toddlers and young children that have Velcro fastenings, elastic or snap fasteners. Shoelaces pose a risk of strangulation, and you should only use shoes with laces when the child is old enough to tie and manage it themselves.

What about fancy clothing or costumes?

The CSPC considers any fancy dress costumes and Halloween outfits as toys. This means that they must also meet certain flammability standards. The same rules apply to costumes as regular clothing. When you have babies or small children, keep the costumes simple. There should be no cords or masks that can cover their faces and suffocate them.

Tighter fitting clothing for playgrounds

Even in the absence of cords on clothing, playgrounds present risks for kids. Be aware that looser fitting clothing can easily get caught in playground equipment. This could pose a choking risk or lead to other injuries like broken bones and lacerations.

Other kids around younger kids

You may have properly dressed your child, but their friends and playdates may not be properly dressed. If another child has unsafe clothing on and is around your child, then your child is at risk of being harmed in the same ways mentioned above.

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