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Common Office Worker Injuries Leading to Workers’ Compensation

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IL injury lawyerOffice jobs are generally considered to be safer than blue-collar jobs. However, office workers are still at risk of many different injuries. Some office injuries are caused by sudden accidents, while other injuries slowly develop over time. If you or a loved one sustained an injury while working in an office, you may have questions about your right to financial compensation through workers’ compensation. Fortunately, office workers have the same right to compensation as workers in any other industry. That being said, it is sometimes hard for office workers to get the compensation they need. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help office employees fight for their right to fair compensation.

Office Injuries That May Qualify for Workers’ Comp

Sitting in an office chair filling out paperwork or typing on a computer may seem like a low-risk activity. However, people working in an office environment get hurt all the time.

Common office injuries include:

  • Repetitive stress or repetitive strain injuries – Performing the same physical task over and over is hard on the body. One of the most common repetitive strain injuries that office workers encounter is carpal tunnel syndrome caused by typing on a keyboard. Bursitis is another common office injury that can be caused by poor sitting posture or ill-fitting desk chairs.
  • Struck-by injuries – An office worker getting something from a shelf may accidentally knock items loose and be struck by the falling items. Struck-by accidents can cause lacerations, facial injuries, and even fractures or broken bones.
  • Slip and fall injuries – Something as simple as spilled coffee can be a major slip and fall hazard. Falling and hitting your head on a hard floor can lead to traumatic brain injuries or spine injuries. Trip and fall injuries can be caused by loose electrical cords, boxes, or clutter.
  • Injuries caused by lifting – Office workers often have to carry large files, boxes of printer paper, or other supplies. This can lead to injuries to the back, neck, or shoulders.

Contact a Champaign Office Worker Injury Lawyer

Office workers can suffer painful injuries that incur significant medical bills and lost income from missed work. If you or a loved one were injured while working in an office environment, contact our Bloomington workers’ compensation attorneys for help. We can help you file for workers’ compensation, appeal a workers’ compensation denial, and represent you during the workers’ compensation process. Call 888-826-8682 to set up a free consultation at Kanoski Bresney.




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