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Farming hazards pose a serious risk for children

Posted on in Farm Accidents

The farming industry is not only dangerous for farm workers. A new study found that farm hazards are a significant safety risk for children in Illinois and throughout the country, with roughly 27,000 children being injured on farms every year.

Farm injuries range from minor to fatal and many injuries are caused by industrial hazards like machinery accidents and falling off tractors, according to a study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. The study reported that many farm accidents resulted in more severe injuries for children compared to non-farming injuries.

Of the children who suffered farm injuries, 14 percent required hospitalization, with 84 children dying on average every year, the study reported. That is a high number of farm accidents happening to children every year, especially since a majority of these injuries are not work-related.

The researchers said that 71 percent of children's farm accidents and 86 percent of fatalities did not happen to children who were working on farms, meaning that many do not fully understand the farm hazards that pose a threat to children.

Researchers said that children need more supervision and education about the dangers of being on a farm. They also said that farm owners, operators and workers who bring their children to farms need to be aware of the risks as well as ways to prevent farm accidents and injuries from happening.

Farming accidents can be very serious and even fatal, as this study points out. Farm owners and workers need to be aware of farming hazards and make sure that anyone who visits the farm understands these risks and is protected from being injured.

Children and adults who have been injured from a farm accident do have rights and should consult a personal injury attorney to discuss their accident and what legal options may be available to recover any expenses and distress caused by the accident.

Source: HealthDay News, "Farm Hazards a Serious Threat to Kids, Study Finds," Steven Reinberg, March 12, 2013

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