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Four most common types of tractor accidents

Posted on in Farm Accidents

four common types of truck accidents

Farm accidents are still prevalent on American farms despite safety initiatives and precautions to prevent accidents. Tractor accidents are the leading cause of injuries and fatalities for farm workers, according to the National Safety Council.

Why are tractor accidents so common? Many workers are not aware of the hazards when using a tractor and not all farm companies make sure their workers are trained on proper safety practices and precautions to take while working on a tractor.

Farming accidents are all too common and incidents involving tractors are still the biggest hazard for farm workers who use tractors on a daily basis. Anyone who uses a tractor while working on a farm is at risk to be injured by one of the most common dangers posed by tractors.

Workers and employers should be aware of the four most common types of tractor accidents listed below and what safety precautions to take to prevent serious injuries:

1. Rollovers: Tractor rollovers are very common and can cause serious injuries or death to workers. Many workers are injured because they were not wearing a safety belt. Employers should have safety belts on their tractors and all workers are encouraged to wear their safety belt and use caution if they are using a tractor on a slope or hill.

2. Being run over by a tractor: Many workers may try to start a tractor when they are on the ground or standing by the tractor. Workers should only start a tractor when they are in the operator's seat to prevent being run over by the tractor.

3. Being caught in parts of the tractor: Many workers may use a tractor with other equipment such as an auger to dig holes. Workers can have their clothes or body parts caught in moving equipment, causing serious injuries and even death. Workers should always keep their hands, feet and clothing a safe distance away from moving machine parts.

4. Collisions: Many workers driving tractors have hit other objects and suffered serious injuries or were killed. Workers should always watch for objects while driving a tractor. Common objects that tractors collide with include tree limbs and other obstructions that hit the front the tractor.

Farm workers should be aware of the common types of tractor accidents and follow the proper safety guidelines when operating a tractor. Employers should provide training for workers as well as post signs and equipment manuals for machinery that will operated by farm workers to prevent accidents and injuries.

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