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Hidden camera catches 2 caregivers abusing care center resident

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Very few in Sangamon County ever anticipate losing the ability to care for themselves. Yet such is the state many find themselves in later in life or after a serious illness or injury. Surrendering one's care to another, particularly in a care center or nursing home setting, can be extremely difficult to deal with, and thus he or she deserves respect and comfort from caregivers in such a situation. Yet sadly, there are times when those entrusted to care for residents in such a setting lose patience with them or, worse yet, cruelly abuse them. Such elder abuse often goes unchecked due to the fact that victims fear the abusers or are simply unable to communicate what's happening to others.

Often, it takes the intervention of concerned family to catch caregivers in the act of nursing home abuse. Such was the case at an Arizona care center, where the son of an elderly resident hid a camera in the woman's room after he suspected that members of the staff were abusing her. HIs fears proved well-founded, as his camera caught footage of two different employees striking the woman, tossing her out of her wheelchair onto her bed or chair, and pulling off her clothing and throwing it at her. Both employees were arrested and charged with vulnerable adult abuse.

Aside from any criminal penalties that abusing caregivers may face, the victims of their abuse as well as their families may choose to pursue civil action against them to compensate for the pain, suffering, and indignities that they were made to endure. Those hoping to file such a lawsuit may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney for advice on how to do so. 

Source: Tucson News Now "Elderly abuse at Tucson care home caught on camera" Dan Marries, Dec. 23, 2013

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