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If drivers are unaware of safety tech, is it still effective?

Posted on in Car Accidents

Over the years, cars and trucks have gotten significantly more advanced in terms of safe driving technology. The vehicles that are on the market now have a wide range of features designed to keep people safe and avoid crashes that didn't exist just a few years ago.

However, a recent survey found that most drivers aren't even aware of these technological solutions; if they have even heard of them, many still don't know what they do or how they work. So does that mean they are ineffective?

The answer to that question is "maybe." In some cases, these technologies work on their own without any action or awareness on the part of a driver. For instance, anti-lock brake systems and airbags engage automatically. 

However, some of the newest features like adaptive cruise control often require the driver to know how to use and set it to be effective. If a car is equipped with ACC and the driver understands how to use it, the car can adapt to changing speeds based on the distance between it and the car in front of it. Drivers who don't know about this feature or how to engage it may not be able to respond to changing speeds as quickly as the automated system.

There are also technologies that work automatically but are only as effective as the driver interpreting them. For instance, lane-departure alerts can warn a driver that he or she is drifting into another lane, but if the driver isn't paying attention, the proper corrections may not be made in time to prevent a crash.

What this all means is that while cars are being made with several different safety features, they may not be as effective as they could be if drivers are not aware of them.

The fact remains that motor vehicle accidents can and do happen despite all these advancements. Ultimately, the operation of our vehicles relies on the humans behind the wheel, who are quite capable of making mistakes. If you have been injured in an accident, it could very well have been caused by a reckless or negligent driver. Discussing the situation with an attorney could help you determine if legal action may be appropriate.

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