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If it doesn't cost to be informed, why not consult an attorney?

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One of the most common concerns that anyone might have after becoming the victim of an accident in Illinois is whether they should consult with an attorney. It's a fair question to ask if you presume that hiring an attorney always requires an up-front outlay of cash. But that often is not the case.

Especially where a claim of personal injury is concerned, it is a very common practice for an attorney to offer the initial consultation on a case for free. And equally common is that if the circumstances of your case are such that a viable claim exists, representation may well be provided on a contingency fee basis.

That said here's a better question to ask. If you've been injured in a motor vehicle accident, on the job, as a result of caregiver negligence or a property owner's failure to fulfill a duty of care, the question worth asking is, why not consult an attorney?

Once you take advantage of the opportunity to get educated about all your rights and options, the question of whether to go ahead with your case can be addressed. And if you choose to press ahead, the next things you will want to consider are the benefits that you may gain from having an attorney's help. These could include:

  • Experience dealing with insurers
  • Navigating legal complexities
  • Availability of specialized investigators
  • Skill in litigating

One other clear advantage of working with an experienced personal injury attorney is emotional distance. You as the injury victim may well be feeling fear and anger as well as physical pain. If the victim is a loved one whose life has been altered by catastrophic injury, anxiety about the future may could your judgment. Through the lens of objectivity, an attorney is better positioned to serve your best interests.

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