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Illinois providers benefit from settlement with health insurer

 Posted on September 13, 2013 in Firm News

Employees injured in workplace accidents in Sangamon County are often already hesitant to file workers' compensation claims because they fear causing friction with their employers and any potential repercussions that they believe they may face by doing so. While they shouldn't have to worry about these potential consequences, they should also be able to rely on the insurance companies paying out for workers' compensation claims providing adequate funds to cover their medical expenses. Any concerns about not receiving sufficient funds to help pay for their medical bills may discourage injured workers from filing claims even further.

Illinois Health care providers have recognized this potential obstacle to their patients receiving compensation for their injuries and taken notice. An Illinois-based chiropractic office was part of a 2004 class action lawsuit against the insurance provider now known as Coventry that alleged that the insurer offered such poor benefits for workers' compensation claims that employees were actually deterred from seeking medical care for their work-related injuries. As part of the settlement reached with the defendant, area health care providers and educators such as the Southern Illinois University School of Law and the Illinois Osteopathic Medical Society have received over $1 million to support ongoing medical education.

People value their jobs, and if their capacity to fulfill them to their fullest is hindered due to a workplace accident, they may be entitled to compensation to help meet any accident-related expenses. Any perceived deterrents to seeking this type of financial assistance could potentially have negative impacts on both employees and employers, as workers unable to meet their job requirements can hinder the overall performance of a company. Anyone needing assistance with his or her workers' compensation claim may want to work with a personal injury lawyer to help in earning these needed benefits. 

Source: Alton Telegraph "Settlement includes money for schools" Sanford Schmidt, Sep. 05, 2013

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