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Olive Oil Spill Creates Car Accident Risks for People in Central Illinois

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champaign car accident lawyerDrivers are generally aware of the risks they face while using the roads. Car accidents can occur for many different reasons, and most of the time, driver negligence is the primary cause behind a collision. However, there are other issues that can affect safety on the roads, including conditions that lead to dangerous highways, such as cargo loads that have fallen from trucks. People in Central Illinois recently encountered a unique and unexpected issue when olive oil that had leaked onto the roadway affected vehicles’ ability to maintain the proper traction.

Olive Oil Spill in Farmer City

On July 16, 2021, several roads in Farmer City were shut down because they were covered with a slippery, oily substance. It was later discovered that a tanker truck that had traveled through the area had sprung a leak, causing olive oil to spill on the roads. While the largest concentration of olive oil was in a gas station parking lot near the intersection of State Route 54 and State Route 150, the truck continued to leak oil while traveling east on I-74 and continuing north on I-57.

Due to the spill, multiple roads and businesses in the area were closed. The Illinois State Police and Illinois Department of Transportation took measures to address safety on these roads, including spreading sand and salt on the roads to soak up the olive oil and provide traction for vehicles traveling through the area.

Even though the State Police did not report any traffic accidents related to the spill, it advised people to use caution when driving in the area. Motorists have been advised that any olive oil accumulated on their tires may be difficult to remove. It could potentially continue to cause traction issues, even after tires have been cleaned.

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Unlike many other types of spills, the olive oil in this case may present unexpected risks that could continue to affect drivers. Even those who believe that they have taken all the necessary safety precautions may encounter traction issues that could affect their ability to control their vehicle and avoid a collision. When car accidents occur because of oil spills or other types of dropped or leaking cargo, victims will need to work with an attorney to determine who was responsible and understand their options for pursuing financial compensation. If you have been injured in a collision because of a cargo spill or other issues that led to a dangerous road or highway, contact the Bloomington car accident lawyers at Kanoski Bresney for legal help. Call our office at 888-826-8682 to set up a free consultation today.




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