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What to do if you get in a hit-and-run accident in Illinois

 Posted on August 03, 2017 in Blog

When you get into a car crash, you have much to worry about and deal with afterward. Motor vehicle accidents are scary enough as it is without having the responsible driver flee the scene. Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents happen in Illinois, so you need to be prepared for what to do.

First, however, you must know what constitutes a hit-and-run. It applies to more than just when the motorist who crashed into you drives away. It also includes motorists who are underinsured, uninsured, drunk or untruthful about personal information.

What to do in a hit-and-run accident

Most of the actions you must take following a hit-and-run are the same as for any type of auto collision. These steps include the following:

  •        Calling the police to report the accident
  •        Getting medical treatment for any injuries
  •        Photographing the accident scene
  •        Informing your insurance provider about the incident
  •        Not accepting any offers from insurance companies until you have spoken with a lawyer

These actions become even more important when the other person does not stay, as the information will be useful in identifying the driver, proving the person’s guilt and obtaining monetary awards. As the nature of the accident may have hindered your awareness and/or memory, remember to speak to any witnesses to obtain additional details, and ask for their contact information for future use.

What not to do

No matter what, do not pursue the responsible party as he or she zooms off. This can be dangerous and negatively affect your case. Let the police handle finding the person. You can help by offering descriptions of the vehicle and driver and showing the photos you took of the aftermath.

Then, put the rest of your focus on caring for your injuries, gathering evidence and speaking to a personal injury attorney about your options. You may be eligible to receive compensation for immediate and long-term health care, property damage, income loss, and pain and suffering.

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