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When Can Inadequate Maintenance Lead to Truck Accidents?

 Posted on November 16, 2021 in Truck Accidents

Champaign Personal Injury LawyerCommercial trucks travel thousands of miles as they deliver cargo throughout the United States. Trucks experience a great deal of wear and tear, and if they are not properly maintained, different systems may break down or function incorrectly. This can lead to dangerous truck accidents that may injure people in other vehicles. Following a collision involving a tractor-trailer truck, victims can work with an attorney to determine whether maintenance issues were a factor that led to the accident, and they can take steps to recover financial compensation from the parties who were responsible.

Commercial Truck Maintenance Issues

Regular maintenance must be performed on semi-trailer trucks to ensure that they can be operated safely. Truck drivers are required to complete daily inspection reports and submit them to a motor carrier. Trucking companies will need to make sure any issues uncovered during inspections are repaired properly, and they will also need to make sure regular service is performed to ensure that all of a truck’s systems are in proper working order. Some common maintenance issues that can lead to truck accidents include:

  • Worn or underinflated tires - A truck’s tires will wear down over thousands of miles of travel, and damaged tires may blow out, potentially leading to rollover accidents or other situations where a truck driver may lose control and collide with other vehicles. These accidents may occur because tires are not inspected properly to determine whether they are worn, because they are not inflated to the correct pressure, or because they are not replaced when necessary.

  • Brake failure - If a truck’s air brakes do not function correctly, a driver may be unable to slow down and stop when necessary. Failure to maintain braking systems may result in issues such as leaking air hoses or worn brake lining that will affect a driver’s ability to maintain control of a truck.

  • Engine problems - It is important to check for any fluid leaks or other issues that may affect the performance of a truck’s engine. If an engine cannot maintain the proper oil pressure or coolant levels, the engine may overheat, affecting a driver’s ability to drive safely.

  • Lighting malfunctions - Problems with a truck’s electrical system may affect turn signals or other lights. This may make it harder for other drivers to see a truck at night or understand when a truck driver will be changing lanes or making turns. When trucks move unexpectedly, they may collide with other vehicles and cause serious injuries to drivers and passengers.

Contact Our Decatur Truck Accident Attorneys

If you have been involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle, the attorneys of Kanoski Bresney can investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and determine whether maintenance issues were a factor that may have led to the collision. We will help you understand how you can pursue compensation from negligent parties who were responsible for your injuries, including a trucking company that failed to ensure that a truck was inspected or maintained. Contact our Springfield commercial truck accident lawyers at 888-826-8682 to schedule a complimentary consultation.



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