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Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident Caused by Unsecured Cargo?

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If you are like many people, you may feel a bit uneasy when traveling behind a semi-truck that is carrying cargo. Although most truck freight is secured tightly and does not represent a risk to other motorists, sometimes truck cargo can fall off of the truck and cause devastating accidents. Unsecured truckloads can also shift within a trailer or flatbed truck and cause the truck to become off-balance and out of control. This, too, can cause horrific collisions. If you or a loved one were involved in a serious truck accident caused by loose or unsecured cargo, another party may be legally responsible for your losses.

Determining Liability in a Trucking Accident
Imagine the following scenario: A flatbed truck carrying large metal boxes of cargo is traveling down the highway when one of the boxes falls from the truck and onto the road below. You and several other motorists swerve wildly to avoid hitting the box. In the chaos that ensues, you are involved in a major auto accident. You subsequently suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), broken bones, and organ damage that all require costly medical care. You are also unable to work for several months after the accident. In a situation such as this, who pays for these costs? Determining liability for a truck accident can be a very complex process. The fault for the accident may lie with the truck driver, trucking company, cargo loader, manufacturer of securement devices, or another party. The fault may also be shared among several different parties.

Pursuing Compensation for Losses Suffered in a Truck Accident
A major auto accident can leave a person with injuries that require significant medical treatment. Your injuries may have necessitated emergency room treatment, a lengthy hospital stay, surgery, ongoing physical therapy, and more. Through a personal injury claim, you may be able to recover compensation for your past and future medical bills. You may also be entitled to compensation for your property damage, lost income, reduced future earning capacity, pain and suffering, and more. However, before you can recover compensation, the liable party or parties must be determined. A skilled personal injury attorney with experience handling complex truck accident cases can provide the legal guidance you need during this process.

Contact a Springfield Truck Accident Lawyer
Liability for a truck accident may lie with a number of negligent parties. For help determining the party responsible for your accident and obtaining the compensation you deserve, contact the experienced legal professionals at the Kanoski Bresney law firm. Schedule your confidential, no-cost consultation with a knowledgeable Bloomington personal injury attorney by calling us today at 888-826-8682.


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