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Will working out help you recover from a work injury faster?

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Getting injured on the job can leave a person feeling very stressed, upset and frustrated. Whether an injury limits your ability to work or takes you out of a job indefinitely, the impact of a work-related injury can take its toll on you and your family. However, injured workers across Illinois may interested to know that there may be ways to recover from an accident and get back to work more quickly.

For example, staying as physically active as an injury will allow could help people get better after an accident. It may seem difficult to do this when a person is in pain, but working around an injury is possible and could be beneficial for a person's health.

If your injury has resulted in back, neck or shoulder pain, you may want to focus on strengthening your lower body and increasing cardiovascular exercises. This can include:

  • Jogging or walking
  • Leg work, including squats and lunges
  • Stationary bikes or elliptical machines

If you have an injury that affects your lower body, it might be helpful to concentrate on upper body exercises, including: 

  • Seated kickboxing
  • Hand-operated bikes
  • Abdominal exercises to strengthen your core

Staying active and working to maintain your health can help people recover from certain injuries more quickly. However, it can be crucial to work with a personal trainer or physical therapist to make sure you are not making an injury worse. Reaching out for help from people who are familiar with the process of recovering from an injury can be both helpful and motivating.

In addition to the physical impact of an injury, there is also the financial impact that many people have to deal with. When an accident at work results in an illness or injury, many Illinois employees are eligible to receive workers' compensation. These benefits allow injured parties to get the financial support they need to cover their medical expenses and lost wages. Speaking with an experienced attorney can be a very effective way for people to understand their rights and make sure they know what benefits they are entitled to receive.

Source: The Reporter-Times, "8 Ways to Work Out While Nursing an Injury," Erin Oprea, May 15, 2014

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