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Woman killed by falling hay bale while working on her farm

Posted on in Farm Accidents

While most in Springfield would probably agree that farming can be a dangerous profession, they'd probably also assume that such dangers are presented by complex farming equipment or in encounters with large farm animals such as cows, horses, or bulls. Yet one of the sad realities of farming is that even accidents or freak occurrences that may seem quite simple in nature can end up producing deadly results.

Such was the case with Pennsylvania who was recently killed while working on her farm. She reportedly suffered chest trauma after a hay bale fell on top of her. She died close to an hour after the accident occurred.

One may wonder how something as simple as a falling hay bale could have caused this to happen. While police are said to be investigating the case of the fall, a number of other factors play into the fatal outcomes that are seen in so many of these farm accidents. Because of their rural locations, farms aren't the easiest places to be reached by first responders in time to administer care that could save one's life after an accident. And although it wasn't reported in this case if the woman was alone when her accident happened, oftentimes farmers do work alone and don't have someone nearby to help in the event of an emergency.

While farm owners may be reconciled to the fact their line of work is dangerous, those that work for them and their families might not be quite as OK with some of dangers associated with it. Should a loved one be injured or killed while working on a farm, his or her family may choose to bring legal action against the farm owner if they believe that working conditions were unsafe. Those wanting to initiate such action may wish to consult with a personal injury lawyer prior to doing so.

Source: abc27 "Spring Grove woman dies after farming accident" Myles Snyder, Dec. 31, 2013

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