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3 key safety tips for riding your motorcycle in the winter

 Posted on January 29, 2018 in Blog

Riding a motorcycle is always fun–except when snow and ice get in your way. When mother nature ruins your enjoyable rides, you may feel like it is too dangerous or uncomfortable to get on your motorcycle. Fortunately, you can still ride your motorcycle safely during the winter.

You do not need to keep your motorcycle in the garage all winter, but you do need to exercise extra caution. Read on for essential winter motorcycling tips to ensure you make it to spring shiny side up.

1. Check your tires

One crucial step to avoiding a motorcycle crash in the winter is assessing your tires. Make sure your tires have enough tread. According to Forbes motorcycle tips, you should remember that cold weather means you will have less traction, simply because of the temperature. You should also check your tire pressure more often with a gauge. You may need to drop your tire pressure if the degrees keep getting lower.

2. Ride slower

As a biker, you may frequently be in a hurry. It may be tempting to ride normally, but you should be extra cautious in the cold weather. This means accelerating slower, cornering slower and reducing your normal riding speed. Simply slowing down will help you maintain traction and have enough time to react should something go awry. 

3. Layer up

When you mix cold weather with the extreme wind, you will get chilly quickly in the winter. You need to wear layers if you want to avoid shivering on your bike or getting frostbite. Consider getting some neck guards, winter riding gloves, balaclavas and heated grips. Staying warm and comfortable is key to having a safe ride in inclement weather conditions. 

Winter does not need to mean the end of your riding season. In fact, once you become familiar with winter riding, you may actually find it fulfilling. Just make sure you are ready by following these tips.

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