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5 Birth Injuries that May Be Caused by Negligent Medical Care Before, During, or After Birth

Posted on in Medical Malpractice

Il injury lawyerDoctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are extremely valuable members of our society. However, when a medical professional makes a mistake, the consequences can be catastrophic – especially if the victim of the mistake is an infant. Preventable birth injuries can be caused by almost countless factors. Sometimes, a doctor or nurse misinterprets test results. Other times, medical staff fail to recognize signs of maternal or fetal distress. Whatever the reason, birth injuries can lead to years of suffering and additional medical needs.

Infant Injuries that May Be a Result of Medical Mistakes

Every parent hopes for a healthy, happy baby. Unfortunately, some babies suffer injuries and medical complications during labor and delivery that lead to significant ailments. Not every birth injury is caused by negligent medical care, but some are. Birth injuries that may be the result of medical negligence include:

  • Brain damage – The most common ways that newborns suffer brain damage during birth is through oxygen deprivation or decreased blood flow. When oxygenated blood cannot circulate to the baby’s brain, the brain may be irreparably damaged. This can lead to physical and intellectual disabilities in the form of cerebral palsy or other medical conditions.
  • Brachial Plexus injuries - When a baby is born vaginally, the baby’s shoulders may get lodged in the mother’s birth canal. This condition is called shoulder dystocia and it can injure the baby’s brachial plexus nerves causing paralysis, abnormal arm functioning, and limited sensation in the affected arms or hands.
  • Fractures – Sadly, some babies are born with broken bones. Mistakes during labor and delivery, prolonged labor, and failure to recognize that the baby is in a breech position can cause a baby’s bones to be fractured during the birth process.
  • Infection – Newborn babies are very vulnerable to infections. Sometimes, infections are caused by unsanitary conditions in the delivery room. Mothers who have undiagnosed infections may also pass them along to their babies.
  • Premature birth – Some premature births are unavoidable. However, proper prenatal care can often help avoid the premature birth of a baby. Medical professionals should monitor the mother and the baby during pregnancy for any signs that could indicate the baby will be born too soon. Supplements like progesterone, surgical procedures, and bed rest may help avoid premature birth.

Contact a Springfield Birth Injury Lawyer

If your baby was injured or passed away before, during, or after birth, you may have a valid birth injury claim. You may be entitled to compensation for additional medical expenses and other damages. To learn more, contact the skilled Champaign medical malpractice attorneys at Kanoski Bresney. Call 888-826-8682 for a free consultation.



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