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Authorities deal with fuel leak after Springfield truck accident

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The large semi-trucks and tractor trailers one sees driving through Springfield pose a great enough of a threat in their own. Yet often it's not a collision with one of these massive vehicles that one has to worry about in a truck accident; it's the aftermath of such an event. Often, these vehicles transport hazardous materials, chemicals, or combustibles such as gasoline, each of which has lethal potential should any be lost in a spill. Yet even the trucks themselves pose a risk from the large fuel tanks needed to power these large vehicles. Should one of these tanks rupture during an accident, those in the immediate vicinity could be in grave danger.

A recent truck accident in Springfield may serve as a reminder of just how dangerous even a seemingly harmless accident can be. While no one was injured when a semi jack-knifed near a local interstate junction, first responders arriving on the scene found that the truck's fuel tanks were leaking. Thus, the local fire department was called to stop and contain the leak, after which the semi itself was removed from the ditch where it had settled.

Luckily, this fuel spill was contained without any reported incident. However, a similar accident in a more populated area or an area with a heavier traffic flow could have disastrous consequences. In such an accident, victims may need compensation in order to deal with their injuries and the pain and suffering they're forced to endure. Anyone needing such compensation from a trucking company and/or its insurer after such an accident may wish to work with a personal injury attorney to assist in pursuing it. 

Source: WICS-TV "UPDATED: Semi Accident Leads To Fuel Leak" Jan. 16, 2014

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