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Beware of dangerous drivers this holiday weekend

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If you are like many people across Springfield, you already have your holiday weekend planned. The Fourth of July is a very popular time to get outside, enjoy barbecues, fireworks and time with family and friends. Often, these gatherings involve drinking alcohol, which could put people in serious danger.

Whether you are headed into the city for a parade or a cabin for some boating, chances are good that you will be on the road. No matter how cautious you are or how closely you monitor your own alcohol consumption, the fact is that there will be people on Illinois roads and highways who are not taking these same precautions. It only takes one drunk driver to ruin a holiday weekend and potentially destroy a family. That is why it is crucial that people be aware of their rights as victims of drunk driving accidents. 

Getting hit by a drunk driver can be among the most frightening and painful experiences a motorist can have. Drivers who are drunk have slower reflexes, impaired vision and decision-making skills, as well as a potentially heightened sense of aggression. Each of these factors makes a drunk driver extremely dangerous behind the wheel.

This weekend, police officers in Illinois will be cracking down on drunk drivers and increasing their efforts to spot and arrest those who may be over the legal limit of 0.08 percent. These crackdowns are regularly announced prior to holidays such as the Fourth of July, as they are often times when people are off work, celebrating and going from place to place. 

Hopefully, the increased enforcement efforts will prevent many drunk drivers from injuring other people. But unfortunately, there will be some drivers who are not caught and who will cause a serious car accident. Victims of these accidents should know that they have the right to hold that driver accountable for the pain and suffering they experience as a result of a crash. Legal action can result in compensation for victims and their families; additionally, it can send a strong message that people who drive drunk will be held accountable for their reckless behavior.

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