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CDC: Tractor injuries leading cause of fatal farm accidents

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Working in the farming industry can be both challenging and fulfilling. Farm workers take enormous pride in their work and what they provide for others, but their livelihood also puts them at risk of getting hurt in serious accidents by nature of the industry.

People who work in farming often need to work with enormous, powerful machines on a regular basis. These machines can be essential to the success of a farm, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, one piece of equipment that many farmers work with most often is also the leading cause of death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death to farm workers in 2012 was linked to tractor overturns.

Tractors are and have been crucial in working a farm and over the years, they have gotten more powerful and more sophisticated. Just like other vehicles, tractors have been improved and enhanced so that they can be more effective and safer. There are roll-over prevention devices now on many tractors as well as ignition locks to prevent a tractor from being operated until the driver is off the ground and in control of the vehicle.

However, accidents can and do still happen. More workers are killed in tractor rollovers than any other type of farm accident. People have also been injured when a tractor crashes, malfunctions or runs over something or someone. Farm tractors can present a serious threat to workers, and the fact is that the injuries suffered in these accidents are often catastrophic or fatal.

Any type of farm accident can result in significant damages to victims and their families. The top priority should always be to seek medical assistance immediately and focus on recovering.

Once the immediate health concerns have been addressed, however, it can be important to then seek legal assistance to explore the options for compensation. Money cannot and will not undo the devastation of a farm accident, but it can prove to be enormously helpful in helping people recover from the accident and manage the financial aftermath.

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