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Common conditions associated with neglect, abuse

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People all across Illinois go to great lengths to protect their loved ones who are currently in the care of nursing home facilities. They check in on them regularly, monitor their care, ask questions and try to stay as informed as possible when it comes to the type of treatment they are receiving.

Unfortunately, we can't be by our loved ones' side all day every day. There are periods of time -- brief or extended -- where it is solely up to nursing home staff members to care for the vulnerable patients. In many cases, this is done properly and there is no cause for concern. However, there are some situations where the care provided is substandard and a patient is being harmed or neglected. 

While there are many different signs of elder abuse and neglect, there are few conditions that can and should spark some immediate concern for the well-being of a nursing home resident.

In terms of abuse, bruising, sexually transmitted diseases and increased fears or anxiety around certain staff members can all be common found in patients who are being abused. These can all be indicators that a patient is being hurt or threatened by the people around them.

Neglect can be a little more difficult to identify, as older patients may be withdrawn or suffer from dementia which can make it difficult for them to understand if they are being neglected. However, bed sores, infections, marked decrease in interactions with others and over-medication can all be conditions that are suffered by someone who is being abandoned or disregarded.

If your loved one is suffering from any of these conditions, it can be crucial that you take action on their behalf by speaking with an attorney. A legal representative at our law firm can explain to you how you may want to proceed in building a claim against a nursing home and how you may be able protect them from further mistreatment.

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