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UPDATE: Dangerous Types of Infections That Can Affect a Dog Bite Victim

 Posted on November 02, 2022 in Personal Injury

Champaign Dog Attack LawyerOriginally published: April 21, 2021 -- Update: November 2, 2022

Update: Because the infections described below can be so severe, people who have experienced these issues after suffering a dog bite injury will need to understand their rights and their options for pursuing compensation. By understanding when a dog's owner or other parties may be held liable for dog bite injuries, victims can make sure they will be properly compensated for all of the damages they have suffered.

In Illinois, the person responsible for a dog may be held liable for any injuries inflicted by the animal, as long as the dog was not provoked into attacking someone and the victim was not trespassing on someone else's property. That is, a dog's owner will be responsible for their dog's actions, even if the dog had never attacked anyone in the past or exhibited dangerous or aggressive tendencies. In some cases, other parties may also be liable, such as a dog walker, pet sitter, or kennel owner who was responsible for managing and controlling the dog.

Those who have been bitten or attacked by dogs may be able to pursue compensation for multiple types of damages. In cases involving serious infections, a person may experience a variety of issues that affect their health, their ability to work, and their overall well-being. By pursuing a dog bite lawsuit, a person may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, including emergency treatment, surgery, medications, and ongoing care such as physical therapy. They may also be compensated for income lost while recovering from their injuries, as well as the loss of future income due to a disability. Damages may also address pain and suffering, including the emotional trauma a person has experienced and the scarring and disfigurement left behind by an animal attack. If an infection or other injuries were severe enough that they led to a victim's death, their survivors may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the dog owner or other responsible parties.

When serious and life-threatening infections occur due to a dog bite, victims may be affected for a long period of time, or they may even experience permanent disabilities or death. If you or a member of your family are struggling to address the effects of a dog bite or attack, contact our Peoria dog bite injury attorneys at 888-826-8682 to set up a free consultation and learn about your legal options.

Being attacked by a dog can be a scary situation, and a person may suffer multiple different types of injuries. In many cases, a person will focus on the most immediate and obvious dog bite injuries, such as lacerations, broken bones, or traumatic brain injuries. However, a victim can also experience serious infections, and they may not experience symptoms for several days or multiple weeks after being bitten. By understanding the effects of an infection, a victim can receive the necessary medical treatment, and they can pursue financial compensation from the dog’s owner.

Common Dog Bite Infections

The risk of infections is high for those who have suffered dog bites, and the bacteria or viruses in a dog’s mouth may be transferred into the person’s body through a bite wound. Some types of infections that can drastically impact a dog bite victim’s health include:

  • Capnocytophaga - Symptoms of an infection by this bacteria may appear between one and 14 days after being infected, and they include redness, swelling, and blistered skin around the wound, fever, headaches, joint pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. If a person does not receive treatment, they may experience kidney failure, heart attacks, or gangrene in the part of the body where the wound occurred.

  • Rabies - Symptoms of an infection by this virus include tingling around the wound, fever, headaches, fatigue, muscle spasms, confusion, seizures, or sensitivity to light, sound, or touch. A person will likely need to receive a series of rabies vaccine shots to treat the infection. If left untreated, rabies can be fatal.

  • Tetanus - An infection by this bacteria can cause symptoms such as muscle spasms or stiffness and cramping of the jaw. A victim may receive a tetanus vaccine shot to fight the spread of the infection. The mortality rate for those who have a tetanus infection spread throughout their body is around 30%.

  • Other bacteria - Infections of streptococcus, staphylococcus, or Pasteurella can result in symptoms such as fever, swelling, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rashes. Complications of these infections include low blood pressure, kidney damage, toxic shock syndrome, and necrotizing fasciitis.

People who have diabetes or immune system disorders are at a higher risk of suffering serious harm due to an infection. In some cases, an infection may spread throughout the bloodstream, resulting in sepsis, a life-threatening reaction that can cause inflammation and organ damage.

Contact a Decatur Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured by a dog bite or attack, you will want to receive treatment as soon as possible while also taking steps to make sure you can hold the dog’s owner responsible for your damages. At Kanoski Bresney, we can help you take legal action to recover financial compensation that addresses your medical treatment, any loss of income, and your physical and emotional pain and suffering. Contact our Champaign dog bite attorneys at 888-826-8682 to arrange a free consultation.



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