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Grain bin accident claims the life of Red Bud man

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Many who work in farming in Sangamon County choose to do so because they enjoy the rural locations where most farms are located. Such areas may offer a needed respite from all of the noise one finds in an urban area. Plus, the picturesque backdrop against which they work offers a peace and tranquility that can't be found working in an office.

Yet by choosing to work in such rural locations, farmers and farm workers put themselves at risk of not receiving life-saving treatment in after farm accidents. Combine that with the unique challenges and dangers that farming presents from the types of work done and the special equipment used, and one has a potential recipe for disaster should an accident occur.

Both factors appear to have come into play in the recent death of a Red Bud man. Emergency responders were called out to the remote location, located over 35 miles outside of St. Louis, after the man reportedly fell into a grain bin full of corn. After a half-hour search through the corn, his body was finally found. Authorities are currently looking into what may have caused the accident.

With all of the factors that seemingly work against rescuers in a farming accident, it's little wonder why so many of these cases end in death. When these tragedies do happen, the victims often leave behind families that relied on them for both emotional and financial support. Thus, these families may choose to seek compensation from the party that they believe to have been responsible for the death of their loved ones to help cope with their losses. An attorney may be a useful ally to have for those fighting for such compensation.

Source: Agri News "Southern Illinois man dies after falling into grain bin" Jan. 27, 2

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