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Illinois Rolls Out "Ice and Snow -- Take It Slow" Campaign

 Posted on November 21, 2011 in Car Accidents

As winter gears up, driving becomes more treacherous. To ease the transition into the icy season, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Illinois State Police have launched a safe-driving campaign called "Ice and Snow - Take It Slow."

Illinois car accidents can cause severe injuries, in addition to financial difficulties that may arise from the accident. The "Ice and Snow - Take It Slow" campaign offers tips that could help keep you and your family safe in Illinois' frigid winter conditions.

According to IDOT, winter drivers should:

  • Plan the trip in advance, including considering whether the trip is truly necessary. If it is, check the weather on the route and tell someone where you are going.
  • Ensure the vehicle is ready for winter. This means keeping up with required maintenance and checking whether items like windshield wipers, lights, tires and fluids need to be replaced.
  • Pack a survival kit that includes blankets and warm clothing; snow-removal tools; a cell phone and a flashlight, both with extra batteries; high-calorie, nonperishable food and a metal can for melting snow; a shovel and something to provide traction, like sand or cat litter; and a first-aid kit.
  • Follow winter-driving rules such as driving slowly on the ice; braking early when approaching intersections; giving snow plows plenty of room and not passing them when visibility is poor; and keeping all windows free of ice and snow. And, of course, you should buckle your seatbelt no matter what the season.
  • Use common sense when stranded. Do not make the decision to walk if you are not dressed for cold weather; pull over as far as possible on the side of the road; turn on your hazard lights and open your hood; turn on the engine just occasionally; to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, crack open a downwind window and ensure that the exhaust pipe is not blocked; call or signal for assistance.

Following IDOT's suggestions for Illinois winter driving could mean the difference between making it home safely and facing the cold without protection.

Source: IDOT, Ice and Snow...Take It Slow...

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