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Lawsuit filed after foreign object found in patient's stomach

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When our loved ones are in the care of a nursing home facility, we have the expectation that they will be treated with compassion and respect. Learning that someone has been the victim of anything less can be devastating. Unfortunately, many cases of neglect or abuse in nursing homes are not brought to light until a patient gets very sick, injured or dies as a result of inadequate care.

That was the tragic situation that prompted one Illinois woman to file a lawsuit against a hospital and a rehabilitation center that were supposed to be caring for a man who shares her last name. According to reports, the man got very sick and doctors suspected that he was experiencing gastro intestinal bleeding. While examining the man's digestive tract to identify the potential cause, doctors found that he had ingested a condom.

This discovery sparked accusations that the man had been a victim of sexual abuse at either the hospital or the rehabilitation center where he was receiving care for the past couple years. During this time, the man was unable to speak or leave his bed and was fed through a feeding tube, which sources say make him a target for this type of abuse. Due to his condition, it is likely that he was incapable of reporting such horrific treatment. 

The man has since passed away, but now the woman is taking action on his behalf. She has filed a lawsuit citing negligence and abuse and is seeking compensation for the damages suffered as a result of the inadequate and abusive care. 

These situations can be devastating and difficult for victims and families to cope with; and sadly, they are far too common. However, there are steps that people can take to hold a party accountable for nursing home neglect or abuse. Legal action cannot undo the damage that has already been done, but it can uncover substandard or unlawful practices in these facilities that allow patients to become victims. 

Source: CBS Chicago, "Condom Found In Nursing Home Patient's Stomach, Suit Claims," June 5, 2014

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