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Man, 73, dies in grain bin accident on Illinois farm

 Posted on May 12, 2014 in Farm Accidents

It was a devastating scene at a rural Illinois farm recently when a 73-year-old man was reported missing. He had been working on the farm, and his vehicle was located near a grain bin. Search and rescue teams responded and launched efforts to empty the grain bin. They ultimately found the man hours later, but he had died.

This accident was no doubt catastrophic; but unfortunately, grain bin accidents are not uncommon across Illinois. Workers often need to get into the grain bin, which hold tens of thousands of bushels of grain, to unclog it. Once the grain starts moving again, a worker can get pulled under and can suffocate. Whether that was the case in this recent accident or not remains to be confirmed.

This accident is a tragic reminder of the risks that people who work on farms face on a regular basis. Modern farms utilize complex technological systems, powerful tools and fast-moving machines in order to expedite certain processes. Because of this, many farms also run with just a small number of workers, which means that many accidents happen when there is only one worker present. Without a second party to assist or call for help, any accident has the potential to be fatal. This is often the case when a person is involved in a grain handling accident.

There are a number of industry standards that must be met when it comes to farming in order to keep workers safe, but they cannot prevent every mishap from occurring. After any farm accident, it can be crucial for victims and their families to determine if an injury or death was suffered because of measures that failed or were not taken. Speaking with an attorney who is familiar with farm accidents in Illinois can be a good way for people to understand their rights and navigate the process of identifying liability and taking legal action, if appropriate.

Source: NBC Chicago, "Man Confirmed Dead In Grain Bin Accident," May 5, 2014

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