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Today's most common office injuries

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When you think about people who might get hurt on the job, you probably picture firefighters, law enforcement officials and other overtly high-risk professionals. Office employees face their own risks and hazards, however, and while they differ in many ways from those of, say, first responders, they still have the capacity to cause you considerable harm and hardship.

From back injuries and strains to the everyday hazards that have today's office workers slipping and falling, here are some of today's most common office injuries.


Leading the pack is slips and falls, which can result from a wet floor, an electrical wire, poor lighting or any number of other elements. American office workers are tripping over open drawers and slipping on spilled coffee, and to an extent that they are more than twice as likely to suffer a serious, fall-related injury as those who work in non-office environments. Keeping organized is among the best ways to reduce your chances of a fall at the office. Make sure wires are properly secured or taped down, and make sure to close all drawers and doors after you are done with t hem. Avoiding storing items on the floor and making sure to maintain adequate lighting should also help reduce your risk of a fall.

Injuries that result from getting caught between things

If you work in an office environment, you also run the risk of suffering an injury caused by getting caught in between items, whether that means getting your fingers caught in a drawer or paper shredder or getting your hair or clothing caught in an office machine. Many of these injuries can be avoided simply by keeping your attention firmly focused on the task at hand. When they do arise, however, they can lead to cuts, lacerations and in severe cases, even the loss of extremities, such as your fingers.

Back injuries and strains

Back, neck and shoulder injuries are also common among today's American office workers. Depending on the demands of your job, you may have to move heavy boxes around on a regular basis, or carry heavy shipments of, say, paper or supplies up and down flights of stairs. Such efforts can lead to strains and overexertion, as can sitting in certain positions for long periods of time, particularly if you do not exhibit good posture.

These are just a few of the areas in which today's office employees are at risk of injury or illness. If you suffered an on-the-job injury or developed an illness you believe might have been caused by your work environment, consider getting in touch with a lawyer.

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