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Trucker accused of tampering with log book after crash

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Truck drivers in Illinois and elsewhere are required with a number of state and federal laws that specifically address trucking practices. One such obligation is to accurately track their hours in a log book. By doing so, the driver and the trucking company can monitor the amount of time that a driver is on the road. 

In the event that a truck driver gets fatigued and causes a crash, this log book can prove to be a critical piece of evidence. It may show that a trucker was in violation of the Hours of Service Regulations with which drivers must comply. These regulations are in place to prevent truckers from being on the road too long and getting drowsy or falling asleep behind the wheel.

After a recent tragic trucking accident, one trucker has now been sentenced for attempting to tamper with his log book. According to police, the 42-year-old man ripped a page out of his log book and tried to hide it from authorities after he crashed into the back of a woman's car which was stopped at a stop light. The woman was killed and other motorists were injured in the devastating accident.

When a driver tries to hide, destroy or alter a log book, it may be a strong indication that he or she was in violation of HOS Regulations. Not only is this a violation of trucking laws, it can also be a criminal offense. In this case, the trucker will spend 15 months in prison for his attempt to tamper with evidence and is also facing involuntary manslaughter charges. 

He may also face civil penalties if the victims or their families choose to file a personal injury claim. This course of action can help the people affected by a negligent trucker pursue the compensation they may desperately need and deserve after a devastating accident. Money and legal action cannot undo an accident, but they can help families and victims hold the negligent party responsible and find some closure.

Source: Circleville Today, "Man sentenced for tampering, awaits pretrial for involuntary manslaughter," Trish Bennett, July 3, 2014

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