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Watch out for dangerous drivers during Super Bowl weekend

Posted on in Car Accidents

While the Bears may not be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, football fans all across Illinois are undoubtedly looking forward to the game. Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the biggest sports event of the year, and this year looks to be no different.

Whether you plan on watching the game or not, you should still be aware of what happens across the country during and after Super Bowl games. Reports indicate that car accidents increase by a whopping 40 percent after these games, so it can be important for Illinois drivers to be aware of the potential high risk of being hit by a negligent or reckless driver this weekend.

Researchers found, after looking at accident rates during and after the Super Bowl for 27 years, that there in an increase in deaths and injuries caused by car accidents after the game. In fact, an average of more than 600 additional people are killed or injured after the Super Bowl when compared with other Sundays preceding or following the event.

There are many likely causes of this increase. People drink a lot during the game and do not always abstain from driving home, leading to more drunk drivers on the road. People may be tired from celebrating all day or distracted by the excitement or disappointment of their team; winter weather and poor visibility can also be factors in serious accidents.

Safety advocates recommend that people avoid getting behind the wheel if they are drunk, upset, overexcited, distracted or tired. Unfortunately, too many people fail to take these precautions and decide to get in their cars to drive home anyway. 

That failure to make a safe, smart decision can put the lives of every other motorist on the road in jeopardy, and unsafe drivers can and should be held responsible for their behaviors should they lead to a devastating car accident. Regardless of what happens during the game, no one wins when negligent drivers are on the road.

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