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When little injuries cause big problems for workers

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Workers in Illinois are generally aware that if they are hurt or get sick on the job, they may qualify to collect workers' compensation benefits. Companies are typically required to carry workers' compensation insurance to cover these payments, which in turn protects an employer from being sued by employees. 

However, there may be some confusion over the types of injuries that may qualify for this coverage. In many cases, people assume that unless an injury is catastrophic, like a serious burn or a brain injury, pursuing workers' compensation benefits is futile. But some of the most common workplace injuries for which people collect workers' compensation start very small and get worse over time.

Repetitive stress injuries are very common for people in work various types of jobs, from construction to office administration. These injuries often start out small; almost undetectable. Over time, however, they can get worse and more painful, especially when the trigger of the conditions is something that a person does consistently, such as standing, sitting, typing or carrying heavy machinery.

For example, carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of repetitive stress injury, as is lower back pain. These conditions typically do not develop overnight, but they can cause pain and ultimately make it all but impossible to complete certain tasks. We explain more about repetitive stress injuries on our website, which readers are encouraged to visit.

Many types of repetitive stress injuries can be covered by workers' compensation. However, filing a successful claim is not without its challenges. In order to qualify for benefits, a person will need to establish link between a person's work and the injury. Having medical records to support the claim that the injury exists can be crucial as well.

An additional challenge can come if a worker's employer tries to minimize the extent of the injury or dissuade that person from filing a claim, which can happen when an injury is not visible or the result of a single incident.

Understanding your rights to pursue and collect workers' compensation can be crucial for workers across Springfield. One way to do this is to speak with an attorney who can discuss your individual case and help you understand your options for filing a claim.

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