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'Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow' targets underage drinking

 Posted on April 15, 2015 in Car Accidents

We recently reported that Illinois lawmakers are considering two bills designed to deter people from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. The proposed legislation would increase the penalties for DUI, targeting habitual offenders and lengthening the required ignition interlock period for people with at least two convictions.

Harsher penalties for DUI could be a solution for reducing the number of serious and fatal accidents that occur each year due to impaired driving, but it is a reactive approach. It is only one side of a two-sided coin. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) believes that addressing the issue of alcoholism at an early age will help attack the problem proactively.

This April is the 27th Anniversary of Alcohol Awareness Month, an annual awareness campaign sponsored by NCADD. "Help for Today. Hope For Tomorrow" is the theme for this year, and, if you have not guessed it yet, underage drinking is the targeted behavior. Studies show that kids who start drinking by age 15 are four times more susceptible to alcoholism.

The reality is that 16,000 people are killed and countless more left with serious injuries every year due to drunk driving. The accidents force these victims and their families to deal with physical pain, extreme financial costs and emotional suffering, amongst other things.

Our attorneys at Kanoski Bresney have the skill and experience necessary to help the victims of drunk driving and their families obtain the maximum compensation they deserve. Equally important, we treat all of our clients with respect and support them during an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Visit our drunk driving accidents page to learn more about pursuing a claim for damages.

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