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Springfield drivers: Avoid distraction, focus on driving

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Every driver in Illinois should know that they are expected to drive safely. We know that operating a motor vehicle is a responsibility and requires skill and concentration because of how much damage that can be caused by dangerous or negligent behavior. 

Unfortunately, there are many drivers in and around Springfield who fail to take this responsibility seriously, especially when it comes to using a cellphone while driving. Using a phone behind the wheel has proven to be a major threat to the safety of motorists, and the state of Illinois prohibits drivers from using a handheld device while driving. Sadly, recent reports suggest that many drivers are still failing to comply with safe driving rules.

Reports suggest that many Illinois drivers are either confused by distracted driving laws or they simply choose to ignore them. That is why accidents continue to be caused by a driver who was texting, reading an email, making a phone call or even updating a Facebook status. These actions require drivers to shift their focus from the road to what they are looking at on their phones, and taking your eyes and attention off the road for even a few seconds could be the difference between avoiding and causing an accident.

In less populated areas where there are fewer cars on the road, drivers may think that the risk of hitting someone or something does not exist. This is not the case. Motorists in any area can drive off the road, cross over the center line or rear-end another vehicle if they are distracted. It just takes one negligent driver to cause a devastating car accident. 

Police officers are trying to keep people safe by issuing tickets or citations to drivers who are texting or using their phones. Unfortunately, enforcement efforts are still inconsistent and the penalties may not be aggressive enough to change behaviors. That is why victims of car accidents caused by a distracted driver may want to consider taking legal action against a negligent driver. A lawsuit can serve as an effective way of pursuing compensation and further penalizing a driver for unsafe behaviors. 

Source: CBS, "New 'Hands Free' Cell Phone Law Not Sinking In With Some Drivers," March 14, 2014

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