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Illinois Clothing safety for babies

If you are a parent or guardian, you do everything possible to keep your kids safe. However, many people do not realize how dangerous clothing can be for a baby or a small child. Clothing, jewelry, and accessories can all become hazards and cause serious child injuries. Below, you will see some of the most common hazards these items can present to children.

Cords and drawstrings in children’s clothing

You should never put anything on a baby or small child that has cords attached to it. These cords can easily get wrapped around their necks and get caught in the playground or other equipment. Babies and small children do not usually have the strength or ability to get the cords unwrapped. Do not use any of these items on babies:


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Regardless of where you are in Illinois, whether in a city or a rural part of the state, you are likely to see children in and around the roadway. Whether they are playing or getting to and from their destination, children are vulnerable to injuries from accidents by motor vehicles. If your child, or the child of a loved one has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Illinois, contact our office to schedule a free consultation today. We can help guide you towards your best legal options.

How common are pedestrian accidents?

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are common in Illinois. During the latest reporting year in the state, there were 4,940 total pedestrian accidents in Illinois. Out of those, there were:

  • 148 total pedestrian crash fatalities
  • 4,663 total pedestrian crash injuries

When you look at those statistics, you can see that a high percentage of the reported accidents resulted in an injury or fatality. Digging into the numbers, we can see that there were many children injured in these incidents:


10 Signs of a Dangerous Child Care Facility

Whether you are putting your child in a daycare for the first time of switching daycare centers, you need to be sure the facility and staff are safe. Most parents are nervous about putting their kids in daycare. After all, this means relying on someone else to care for their child. While there are plenty of great daycares, there are also many that are dangerous.

When you are looking for a daycare, be sure to tour multiple locations and watch out for these 10 signs that the daycare is bad for your child. If you suspect your child or the child of a loved one has suffered a child injury in Springfield due to lack of supervision at a daycare or negligence, contact our office to schedule a free consultation.


Car accidents are a common occurrence in Illinois, particularly in and around major cities. Just about everyone drives or rides in a vehicle on a regular basis and most people have been involved in car accidents. Americans are fascinated with the British royal family, and many citizens were recently shocked to learn that, yes, even royals get into car accidents.

A royal car accident injury lawsuit?

Earlier this year, Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen of England, was involved in a serious car crash near the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. The incident happened when the 97-year-olds Land Rover slammed into a vehicle carrying two women, aged 28 and 45, as well as a nine-month-old baby. The prince’s vehicle flipped onto its side. Though he will not face any charges, Prince Philip could be facing a car accident lawsuit.

The prince was uninjured in the incident, despite not wearing a seatbelt. The 28-year-old woman suffered cuts to her knees, and the 45-year-old woman sustained a broken wrist. The baby was not hurt in the crash.


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Halloween is probably one of your kid’s favorite holidays. They get to dress up as their favorite character from this last year, have fun with friends, and get plenty of candy. However, if you have children who love to trick or treat, you should start planning for the big night a few days ahead of time. Even though you may not have their costumes ready yet, it is never too early to start planning for safety. There are several aspects of Halloween fun that can lead to personal injuries, but these can be minimized by following some important steps.

Carving that Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving can be a great family activity, but it also involves sharp tools.

  • Small children should never be allowed to carve the pumpkin.
  • Children can draw faces and shapes on the pumpkins with markers, but adults should do the carving.
  • Do not let children light the candles inside the pumpkin. Consider using a flashlight inside instead.
  • Keep pumpkins lit with candles on steady surfaces and away from anything flammable.

Preparing the Costume

While your kids will want their costumes to look scary or awesome, you also need to consider what it takes to make it safe.

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