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How Can I Prove Medical Malpractice?

 Posted on May 21, 2024 in Medical Malpractice

Decatur, IL medical malpractice lawyerMedical malpractice — which is when a medical professional causes injury to a patient — is the third most common cause of death in the United States. Nearly 20,000 medical malpractice claims are filed each year, and medical errors are reported to cause 9.5% of all U.S. deaths annually. In 2022, the State of Illinois paid out $222 million for medical malpractice claims.

But even though it is not uncommon, medical malpractice is hard to prove without the help of an experienced Illinois medical malpractice attorney. This article will discuss some of the ways to prove that an injury was due to medical malpractice.

The Standard of Care Was Violated

Standard of care is a legal term that refers to the basic level of care expected from health professionals. It is what any qualified caregiver would be expected to do in a given circumstance. If you want to claim medical malpractice, one of the things you need to prove is that the medical professional breached the standard of care.

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I Was Injured on Illinois State Property. Can I Sue the State?

 Posted on May 09, 2024 in Personal Injury

Champaign government liability lawyerIf you were injured on property belonging to the State of Illinois, you may be able to sue the state government. However, suing the government for an injury is not the same as suing a company or private individual. The rules for claiming damages are very different if you were injured by state property, so it is best to consult an Illinois personal injury attorney about your specific case.

This article will discuss government liability for injuries and when you can claim damages from the Illinois state government.

What Are Some Examples of Government Liability?

Like people and corporations, governments are responsible — or liable — for damage caused by their property. Common cases in which the government might be liable for damages include:

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get After a Catastrophic Injury?

 Posted on May 06, 2024 in Personal Injury

Bloomington, IL personal injury lawyerCatastrophic injuries are injuries that have severe and life-long impacts, often impairing a victim’s ability to live life the way he or she is used to. They can also impact a victim's ability to earn future income. Catastrophic injuries may have long recovery times and result in serious medical bills, leading to an overwhelming situation for victims and their families.

An experienced Illinois catastrophic injury lawyer can help you pursue a claim for compensation in court to recover damages that help you cover expenses related to your injury.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries occur in a variety of ways, though the most common incidents that lead to catastrophic injuries include construction or factory workplace accidents, trucking accidents, car and motorcycle accidents, and fire, explosion, or chemical burn accidents.

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How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in Illinois?

 Posted on April 25, 2024 in Personal Injury

IL injury lawyerWhen someone is hurt due to someone else’s actions, they can generally find legal justification to seek compensation for the associated costs from the person who caused the injury. Typical categories of damages include medical bills, income loss, and something known as “pain and suffering.” While medical bills and income loss are typically objective and calculated based on the bottom line of a medical bill or a missed salary, pain and suffering are more subjective. A knowledgeable Springfield, IL personal injury attorney can answer your questions about how pain and suffering might be calculated in your case.

What Does “Pain and Suffering” Cover?

Pain and suffering is a category that covers many aspects of the consequences of an injury. A qualified personal injury lawyer should be able to advocate for your rights and demonstrate that you are entitled to compensation for the mah parts of your life that have been affected by the incident in question. These include:

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3 Steps to Follow if You Are Injured in a Workplace Accident

 Posted on April 23, 2024 in Workers' Compensation

IL injury lawyerWorkplace accidents can fall anywhere on a wide range of severity. You could slip in a puddle in the office bathroom, fall off a broken desk chair, have improperly secured equipment fall on you, and more. Whatever happens, there are some steps you should take on the day of the accident that can help your workers’ compensation claim get processed more smoothly. This article will explain some of the steps, but if you are involved in a workplace accident, you should speak with a skilled Springfield, IL workers’ compensation attorney who can advise you on what to do next.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

Whether you require an ambulance and paramedics and need to get ushered into the emergency room or your injuries are less urgent and you just need to be examined to make sure you are not letting any issue go unnoticed, the first thing you should do if you are involved in a workplace accident is to seek medical attention. Do not wait till your work day is over. This will help in two ways: First, it means you are getting the treatment you need, and second, it means there will be documentation and medical records of your injury, which can be used as evidence of your claims later on.

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How Can Driver Fatigue Affect My Illinois Truck Accident Claim?

 Posted on April 15, 2024 in Truck Accidents

IL truck accident lawyerLike all vehicle crashes, truck accidents can be the result of several different factors: a part malfunction, speeding, drunk driving, road conditions, and more. One factor that is quite common in truck accidents is known as driver fatigue. People whose job it is to deliver goods to various locations and are paid based on the number of deliveries they make have an interest in making as many deliveries as possible. It can encourage a lack of sufficient self-care and a failure to sleep enough to be safely well-rested on the roads. There are federal rules and regulations in place to limit the number of hours a truck driver is legally allowed to drive before a required break, based on the understanding that such breaks are necessary for safe driving. If you were hit by a truck, an experienced Bloomington, IL personal injury lawyer can review the case and investigate whether driver fatigue may have played a role.

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Legal Options If a Loved One Is Killed in a Fatal Shooting

 Posted on April 04, 2024 in Wrongful Death

IL injury lawyerReports about shootings are unfortunately becoming more commonplace. Whether you know someone who was specifically targeted or they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when a shooting that had nothing to do with them took place, the death of a loved one in a fatal shooting can be extremely difficult to deal with.

In some cases, a shooting victim’s family wants to see the shooter penalized for his act of violence. In other cases, the family thinks this is in vain since it will not bring their relatives back to life. Sometimes, the family will pursue a wrongful death suit, which could at least provide them with financial compensation for any damages and costs resulting from the shooting. Regardless of the circumstances, if a gunshot wound led to the death of your loved one, you should speak with a Champaigne, IL personal injury lawyer to understand what recourse might be available to you.

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Who Is Liable in Illinois Crashes Involving Farm Animals?

 Posted on March 28, 2024 in Car Accidents

IL injury lawyerMany cities in Illinois are situated right next to farmland. Farm animals are a common sight along Illinois’s roads, and unfortunately, they sometimes cause serious car crashes if they manage to get out of their enclosures. If you were in a car accident caused by a farm animal, speak with a qualified Springfield, IL, personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

Car Accidents Caused by Livestock

Accidents in which animals are involved happen more often than you might think, and Illinois ranks 11th in the country for car accidents with animals. Proper fencing is very important for anyone who has livestock on their property. Otherwise, strong animals like pigs, horses, and cows can mistakenly wander into areas where they should not be, including roads. If you are driving and suddenly see an animal on the road, you might swerve to avoid hitting it, which could cause a collision with another car or something else on the road. You might also only notice the animal once it is too late for you to do anything about it. Head-on collisions with large farm animals can result in personal injury, significant car damage, or even death.

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A Glossary of Illinois Personal Injury Terms

 Posted on March 20, 2024 in Personal Injury

IL injury lawyerWhen people suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence, they can begin working on a personal injury claim. These are incidents that are very common and can happen at all times, like car accidents, slip and falls, construction site accidents, accidents due to improperly secured cargo or equipment, and many more. While personal injury suits are quite common, there is not a great deal of general knowledge about what is involved in such claims. This article will include a glossary of terms commonly used in such cases, but a knowledgeable Decatur, IL personal injury attorney can offer more detailed explanations.

Duty of Care

Depending on your relationship with the person you believe was responsible for your injury, you might be able to prove that they had a duty of care - an obligation to take reasonable action to avoid causing damage or injury to someone else. Duty of care includes driving safely, providing good medical care, and keeping premises safe.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Personal Injury Claim in Illinois

 Posted on March 13, 2024 in Personal Injury

IL injury lawyerIf someone gets injured due to the actions or negligence of someone else, they likely have a personal injury claim. Accident-related injuries can be devastating and could take a lot of time and money to get past. If someone else was at fault, they should cover those costs. However, personal injury cases can be complicated to navigate. This article will discuss some pitfalls to avoid. Of course, a knowledgeable Bloomington, IL, personal injury attorney can provide much more detail tailored to your specific case.

Putting off Dealing with Medical Issues

The moment you are injured in an accident, it is critical that you immediately seek medical care. First, this is an important step to take for your health and safety. Second, it will help prove your point that you were injured and needed medical treatment to recover. The responsible party’s insurance company may try to downplay your claims, but medical records will help you argue your case.

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