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IL injury lawyerDriving under the influence of alcohol leads to over 10,000 fatal accidents each year. Whether a driver assumed that he or she was sober enough to drive safely or simply does not care about the consequences of his or her actions, drunk driving is an extremely dangerous act. If you were hurt or a loved one was killed in a crash caused by a drunk driver, you may be able to bring a civil claim against the driver in the form of a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim. You may be able to recover financial compensation for both economic and non-economic damages resulting from the crash.

Civil Liability for a Drunk Driving Crash

If an intoxicated driver causes a crash in which someone is seriously hurt or killed, the driver will almost certainly face criminal charges for his or her actions. However, even if a drunk driver is convicted and put in jail, this does nothing to compensate victims for the losses they suffered. Fortunately, drunk driving accident victims may have recourse through the civil court system.

A personal injury claim is a claim used to pursue monetary compensation for damages. An injured person may be able to recover compensation for:


IL injury lawyerOffice jobs are generally considered to be safer than blue-collar jobs. However, office workers are still at risk of many different injuries. Some office injuries are caused by sudden accidents, while other injuries slowly develop over time. If you or a loved one sustained an injury while working in an office, you may have questions about your right to financial compensation through workers’ compensation. Fortunately, office workers have the same right to compensation as workers in any other industry. That being said, it is sometimes hard for office workers to get the compensation they need. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help office employees fight for their right to fair compensation.

Office Injuries That May Qualify for Workers’ Comp

Sitting in an office chair filling out paperwork or typing on a computer may seem like a low-risk activity. However, people working in an office environment get hurt all the time.

Common office injuries include:


IL accident lawyerEveryone has experienced the feeling of being lost in thought. Whether thinking about work, family troubles, or even what to cook for dinner, being preoccupied with thoughts is not uncommon. Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless habit is estimated to cause thousands of fatal and injurious car crashes each year. One study found that daydreaming is actually the number one cause of fatal car crashes.

Inattention Behind the Wheel is More Dangerous Than Previously Realized

Driving is a complex process that uses our eyes, ears, hands, and feet. However, driving becomes second nature to most people. Most adults do not even have to think about the steps involved in driving. Muscle memory takes over and the process becomes automatic. The driver stops thinking about driving.

When a driver’s mind begins to wander, he or she is more likely to make mistakes that can lead to a crash. For example, a parent worrying about his child’s school performance instead of watching the road may begin to speed without even realizing it. Similarly, a driver lost in a daydream may not notice brake lights in front of her until it is too late to stop.


IL injury attorneyFew life experiences rival the birth of a new baby. Sadly, what should be a joyous occasion can turn into a nightmare if medical professionals do not uphold their duty to provide competent medical care. Preventable birth injuries can be caused by many different factors. Sometimes, a hospital is understaffed and stretched too thin to provide patients with the personalized attention they deserve. Other times, medical staff are simply careless and act negligently. Whatever the reason, finding out that your baby has suffered an avoidable injury is devastating.

If your child was harmed due to a delayed C-section or failure to perform a necessary C-section, you may be able to seek justice on your baby’s behalf through a medical malpractice claim.

Failure to Perform a Timely C-Section May Constitute Medical Negligence

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical professionals have a legal duty to provide reasonably skilled medical care to patients. This includes monitoring patients for signs that something is not right. Approximately a third of all newborns are delivered via Cesarean delivery or C-section. Some C-sections are planned in advance and others are performed on an emergency basis due to complications with the mother or infant.


IL injury lawyerChiropractors use physical manipulation of the spine to ease pain and increase mobility. Some people swear by chiropractic care. However, seeing a chiropractor is not without risk. Improper spinal manipulation can lead to severe injuries. If you or a loved one were harmed by a chiropractor, you may be able to sue and recover monetary damages.

Injuries From Chiropractic Adjustments

Manipulating the spine can cause injuries to the neck and back. In some cases, bad chiropractic care can even cause a stroke. Dissection of a vertebral artery, spinal stenosis, and herniated disc are just some of the injuries that have been associated with negligent chiropractic adjustments. Research shows that these injuries are more common than one may think – especially among elderly individuals. One report found that adverse effects of chiropractic manipulations occur in up to 61 percent of patients.

Suing a Chiropractor for Spine Injuries

Chiropractors, like other medical professionals, have a legal duty of care. They are expected to provide reasonably skilled care to their patients. If a chiropractor fails to do so and a patient is injured as a result, the chiropractor may be liable for damages. The injured victim will need to prove that the negligent medical care is what led to his or her injuries, which can be easier said than done. A medical malpractice lawyer experienced in chiropractic malpractice can help gather the evidence needed to bring a compelling case against the chiropractor.

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